Renovation (also called remodeling) is the process of improving a broken, damaged, or outdated structure. Renovations are typically either commercial or residential. Additionally, renovation can refer to making something new, or bringing something back to life and can apply in social contexts. For example, a community can be renovated if it is strengthened and revived.

Home improvement, home renovation or remodeling is the process of renovating or making additions to one's home.


18 October 2019

  • Nami Nori: In West Village, a Japanese Restaurant with a Beachy Vibe
    Nami Nori, a new Japanese restaurant in NYC’s West Village, opened just a couple weeks ago, but it’s already generated a substantial level of buzz. This is likely because its three founders are all alums of Masa, the only 3-Michelin-star sushi restaurant in the country. Aside from its much-lauded menu, Masa is famous for serving […]
  • Kitchen of the Week: A Frankensteined Historic House—Turned Guest Rental—in Philadelphia’s Fishtown, Before and After
    It was a gray waxed canvas tote that first caught my eye thanks to its repurposed leather strap made from a World War II gun sling. That was at a trade show several years ago, where Margaux and Walter Kent of Peg and Awl were showcasing wooden bath trays, “apothecary cabinets”, and rope tree swings, […]
  • Before/After: A Space-Enhancing Historic House Remodel in Melbourne
    Carole Whiting spent 20 years producing television commercials while moonlighting as her architect husband’s design sidekick. Eight years ago, she finally signed on full time with his firm. Several design awards, a white-hot laundry room—and a divorce—later, Whiting now runs her own busy South Melbourne design studio leading a team of four. We happened upon […]
  • 10 Easy Pieces: Designer Toilets
    A great deal of thought has gone into designing the commode. Its form and function has evolved such that toilets now have the attention of architects and industrial designers, who whittle its shape and round its corners as if it were a building, a table, or a lamp. Here are our 10 favorite designer toilets […]
  • Architects’ 8 Favorite Cool-Toned Neutral Paints
    Among the finer points when it comes to choosing a paint: whether it has warm or cool undertones (which can have a surprisingly big effect on a room, adding an extra complication when it comes to choosing a shade). Luckily, we have a panel of paint masters to consult. We asked the experts in the […]

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18 October 2019

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